Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birth of a human captured with an MRI scanner

Birth is a wonderful natural phenomenon. Mammals, like ourselves, carry an unborn child around for a set period of time, after which it is brought into the world as a completely new organism. Most of us only get to see the result of birth: the child itself. However, scientists from a hospital in Berlin, Germany have captured the birth of a child on video with an MRI scanner. It is interesting to see how a woman expels the unborn from her womb.
The video was posted online by New Scientist, and while it is quite brief, it clearly shows the unborn child being pushed out. It is unclear what the scientists tried to achieve by 'taping' the birth, but it is likely that they hope it helps us to better understand the physiology behind it. Naturally, the fact that it is interesting to see such a wonderful and peculiar phenomenon on video may also have been of importance.

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